First-year activities: Retiree and pension issues

1. Retiree Committees

-Supported and developed existing retiree chapters into one Local 521 network of retiree groups.

-Organized and mobilized retirees for numerous political, legislative, and capital stewardship campaigns.

-Conducted targeted membership drives in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Fresno.

-Won retiree endorsements on two capital stewardship measures.

-Educated retirees about Local and International campaigns.

-Establishing process with CalPERS to communicate with all Local 521 PERS retirees.

-Established automatic dues deduction for PERS retirees for the first time.

-Re-establish trust that the union cares about retirees, by assigning a Union support Staff person.

2. Bargaining and Membership Support

-Produced workshops on Social Security for retiree and members.

-Conducted analysis of San Mateo, Fresno, and Kern County pension plans.

-White paper on defined benefit versus defined contribution plan.

-Conducted pre-retirement CalPERS training for Morgan Hill Unified School District employees.

-Lobbied Kern County Board of Supervisors during contract negotiations.

-Conducted retirement benefit presentations for the City of San Mateo members.

-Supported worksite organizers and members on numerous retirement-related issues and questions.

-Conducted research on various questions about retirement benefits.

Capital Stewardship Program First-Year Highlights

1. Capital Stewardship/Pension Oversight

-Educated and integrated retirees and Local into International Capital Stewardship Program.

-Began building relationships with other major retiree groups in the state and organized support for Local 521/International campaigns.

-Coordinated and produced a ’37 Act County Trustee Orientation in Fresno on April 29, 2008.

-Participated in 4 ’37 Act County Pension Fund trustee campaigns, Bakersfield, Fresno, San Mateo and Stanislaus.

-Helped develop and contribute to a coalition around ’37 Act County Pension Board issues, statewide.

-Lobbied CalPERS on pension investment decisions.

-Lobbied CalPERS in support of SEIU organizing campaigns.

-Lead the second largest SEIU “Global Day Of Justice” action.

-Mobilized members participation in an action at a KKR meeting site in San Diego, Spring 2008.Lydia Canion, SEIU Staff, at (408) 678-3354 or

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