Members speak up against attack on our pensions

SEIU 521 members spoke up in Bakersfield against an ill-conceived proposal to use the ballot box to undermine our contracts. 

Tiffany Horton and John Flores, two shop stewards in the City of Bakersfield, took time off their jobs to come to the afternoon session of the Bakersfield City Council to speak against a proposal for a pension-slashing ballot measure.

“We have always been willing to negotiate. We ask that Mr. Couch, Mr. Scrivner and the rest of the council respect our willingness to negotiate by being willing to negotiate with us,” Horton told the council.

Flores told the council that the proposal didn’t need to be rushed.

The tactic worked, because Councilman Zack Scrivner dropped his demand that SEIU members be included in the ballot measure. He instead asked to reopen negotiations.

However, the threat of a ballot measure is still there. Scrivner made the threat explicit only against the police and fire unions — two unions who had no speakers at the meeting — but he could put SEIU back on his hit list in June.

In the News:

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Kero 23 – Feb. 10, 2010 

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Judith WoodWednesday, March 10, 2010 2:14:55 PM In Tulare County, it takes 10 years to be fully funded for a pension.  More than in other counties.  However, employees moving from other counties can retain the years they worked there.  This does not always work going the other way.  So I continued to work in this County.  Tulare County Retirement Board does a good job managing the pension funds.

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