Finally! The public can see the Court for who they are. They’ve gone on too long making decisions that affect the public behind closed doors. It’s time for them to to open their meetings like every other publicly funded government agency, they should not be exempt.



Saturday, January 29, 2011 4:25:49 PM

The issues of Santa Clara Superior Court are similar to those statewide and even at the Judicial Council level. There is no transparency and a complete lack of accountability. Your brothers and sisters at the state level, though we are not union, support your efforts to achieve transparency, accountability and OVERSIGHT at all levels of the judicial branch and will happily re-publish any fraud, waste and abuse complaint from ANY court, the judicial council or its administrative arm, the AOC.


Friday, January 21, 2011 10:34:57 AM

They can’t manage their own.  I witnessed a Department that has a High Profile Co-defendant case
$0that sat idle for 10 straight court days.$0
$0Fully staffed, the Judge, the deputy, the clerk and court reporter all present and doing nothing.$0

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