California Budget: A path forward

Governor Jerry Brown’s budget plan seeks to close the state’s deficit the only honest way: with a mix of spending cuts and an extension of current tax rates. The proposal is not complete, and it’s not perfect. It’s up to us to make sure that the budget cuts don’t fall on seniors, on families, and on public services.

Budget highlights

  • Shift $860M in redevelopment agency funds to replace general fund dollars.
  • Cut to Cal‐Works: $1.5 billion
  • $200 million in cuts to the trial courts.
  • No major cuts to K‐12
  • An increase of $18.7 million to maintain local staff in child support.
  • A cut in hours for Home Care Services

“California is in a deep recession. Our budget is a mess. But now, for the first time after many years, we  have an opportunity to fix the budget for real. If we get our fiscal house in order, we will be in better shape when our economy  recovers.”
— Gwyn Harshaw, SEIU Local 521 President

“The Governor’s proposal to move some services from the state to the local level has the potential to help make government work better and preserve vital public services from deeper cuts, but only if it’s done right and is properly funded.”
— John Gutierrez, SEIU Local 521 Secretary


We have a plan



  1. Continue working with the Governor and the Legislature to minimize the damage in this budget.
  2. Pass a budget with a truly balanced approach and pass the extension of emergency revenue measures on the June ballot to prevent additional cuts.
  3. Elect a fiscally responsible majority in the legislature so that we have the ability to hold corporations accountable.

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