Salinas workers say NO to rubber-stamping

Feb. 2, 2011 – Salinas City workers fought back on a resolution which claimed the “only viable solution” to filling the budget deficit ($6 – 7 million) was through wage and benefit concessions.

As a result of our delegations a week ago, the City Council agreed it would not move on the mid-year budget adjustment until our members’ cost saving and revenue generating ideas were at least taken into consideration.

Newly elected Council Member Steve McShane asked “Why haven’t we heard these ideas before?” Many of the proposals have fallen on deaf ears until now despite offering “viable solutions” to significantly reduce the identified deficit.

Last night two of our City Chapters made powerful presentations which debunked the benefit of privatization and fought hard to protect community resources and quality services.

Chapter Presidents Kristy Parker of Salinas Municipal Employee Association and Ray Montemayor of Blue Collar stunned the council with a wealth of untapped potential.

The City Manager was instructed to evaluate our ideas and report back to Council. Councilman Sergio Sanchez summed it up like this: “We should listen to all of you. You do the work, you know what you do out there.”

News Coverage:

In 6-to-1 vote, Salinas begins budget talks
The Salinas Californian
February 2, 2011

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