“We all have a common cause”

SEIU President Mary Kay Henry

March 28, 2011 –
This morning, SEIU President Mary Kay Henry addressed the Member Leadership Action Conference participants, stressing the importance of using our leadership and skills we have developed in our union to create change not only at worksites, but also in our communities to transform the way this country works and create a fair economy for everyone.

“Many of our members are saying Wisconsin was the last straw for America’s middle class and we are seeing the beginning of a people-powered movement to take America back for working families,” said Henry.

“We all have a common cause – to put the needs of working people, instead of corporations and the rich, back on top of the national agenda. I want us to believe we can make this vision a reality for our children and our future. This does not have to be some far away dream that only the chosen few get to realize. There is enough money in America for everyone to have a good job and secure future – where we can expect to own a home, get kids in college, have the right to healthcare and a secure retirement.”

Stay tuned for more updates from Los Angeles.

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