521 member leaders join the T.E.A.M

Transform, Educate, Agitate, Mobilize

By trains, plains and buses, 1,500 SEIU member leaders recently attended a Member Leadership and Action Conference in Los Angeles, focused on one goal: Mobilizing their communities to fight for a fair economy.

Read Jason Thompson’s report back from conference.

The fight for a fair economy kickoff event took place March 25th through March 28th, 2011.
During the next year or so, we plan to activate more than 5,000 members in our union to understand our state and national economic difficulties, how to defend what we have won for union members, and how to win for other workers in our 17 counties who need to know the truth about the economy and how they can work together with us to win good jobs and a healthy, strong community.

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Some reflections from 521 participants:

“I’ve had a phenomenal transformation. I am no longer a steward for 42 people; I am a community advocate. Sitting across more than a thousand other brothers and sisters made me realize this is an attack on our family, and we need to fight back. The eye-opener was the corporate greed. We are not responsible for this but the public is being misled that we are to blame for our economic downfall. We are not.”
-– Joanne Mercado, Eligibility Worker, County of Santa Clara

“The name for this convention has become our battle cry. We, the first of 1,500, are members of the ever growing Fight for a Fair Economy. During this convention members were prepared for the fight to come. We were updated on the attacks against labor organizations. We were able to see who was directing these attacks and how they were setting the populace at each other… but you cannot stop the voice of the People. We are the Voice, We are the People, We are One.”
— Jason Thompson, Child Support Officer, County of Fresno

“We unite in one room under a banner of purple demanding a just economy. We need to become a movement for justice again and now!!!”
-– Ellen Rollins, SEIU 521 Region 6 Vice President, In-Home Supportive Services Provider

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