Graduating seniors’ guide to healthcare

Healthcare is getting better. It was one year ago (April 5, 2010) that healthcare reform – The Affordable Care Act – was signed into law. It has already helped thousands of children, young adults, seniors and small businesses, and helped put an end to abuses in the insurance industry.

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The Young Person’s Guide to Health Insurance for Graduating Seniors is an easy-to-understand brochure, explaining all the new options afforded to graduating seniors looking for affordable health coverage under the law. 

Graduation Tool Kit is an online tool kit created by Young Invincibles with support from Families USA to help young adults navigate the health insurance system. It includes a series of fact sheets that articulate what young adults stand to gain from the health care law.

The Affordable Care Act puts young adults in charge of their health care decisions, allowing them to stay on their parent’s insurance plan until the age of 26 and giving them the security of knowing they will never again be denied care because of a pre-existing condition.

Highlights of the healthcare law:

  • Thousands of children with pre-existing conditions now have new access to coverage.
  • Tens of thousands of young adults can now get coverage through their parents’ health insurance.
  • Hundreds of thousands of seniors got a $250 check to assist with prescription drug costs.
  • Nearly 1,800 Californians who were denied private coverage due to their health status, now have coverage through the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Program (PCIP).
  • Small businesses are getting a tax credit so they can better afford coverage for their workers.

For more information: Watch this 2-minute video

Source: “The Affordable Care Act: One Year Later” (

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