LTE: How can moral people renege on promises?

Letter to the Editor by member Roy Clark
Source: – April 6, 2011

Recent anti-union letters to The Californian have really been enlightening. I’ve never seen so many writers who’ve let their basic hatred of unions interfere with their own judgement — even their own morality. Writer after writer has suggested that union members’ pay and benefits be gutted, even in the face of previous contracts and agreements that promised benefits that these writers now do not want to pay. Indeed, I’m even more entertained when these writers exclaim that they are moral, or even that they are fine Christian men and women.

So, I ask you now: If you are moral, if you are Christian, how can you support a move to go back on your county’s word of honor? If a county employee has worked his entire life in your service, how can you go back on your promises to that employee, and still consider yourself to be a moral and honest person? Now that our lives are near their end, how can you be willing to make your earlier promises into lies?

I guess I can understand that our Board of Supervisors is willing to arbitrarily change existing agreements; they are, after all, politicians, and no one ever expects a politician to tell the truth.

But then again, Kern County prides itself on honest Christian behavior — well, until money is at stake. And now, your earlier promises to us mean nothing to you.

I’ve wasted my life in your service.



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