Member Leadership and Action Conference

Jason Thompson’s Report

Defining the start of a movement is the job of historians far removed from the front lines. In 2011 there is no argument when the resurgence of the labor movement began. For many it was a headline splashed across their internet browsers, for others it was idle chat at the coffee pot, but for those in Wisconsin it was the reality that tomorrow they might lose the ability to bargain, their ability to be involved in defining their wages and working conditions.

On March 25th, SEIU International hosted a convention in Los Angeles, California. Volunteers were sought and 1,500 members from Chapters across the United States were selected to attend. The name for this convention has become our battle cry. We, the first of 1,500 are members of the ever growing Fight for a Fair Economy. During this convention members were prepared for the fight to come. We were updated on the attacks against labor organizations. We were able to see who was directing these attacks and how they were setting the populace at each other.

These first 1,500 members is the first step to bringing our message to the nation. We are One, We are Union and We are Workers. No longer will we allow those that would restrict our rights to a voice in the work place. No longer will their message of hate and lies ring true in the hearts and minds of our citizens of this great nation. We have set up as ONE to bring the message that we can and we will fix this economy. As equal stakeholders in the American Dream, we must rebalance the power in our streets and in our legislative bodies. We can no longer act as if our representatives have our communities’ best interest at heart.

At this time all team members that attended the conference are seeking out leaders who are willing to step up and share this message of solidarity with our brothers and sister in all labor organizations across the nation. We invite you to join this resurgence, a movement beginning in 2011 and on. In parting I would like to share this word of inspiration to our sisters and brothers in Wisconsin.

When they lock the doors to the Capitol building, don’t lose heart, the battle is not yet over. Perceive the landscape, look for an opportunity. Look for that open bathroom window and find a way through. You can lock the doors, you can have meetings in secret and you can pervert democracy but you cannot stop the voice of the People. We are the Voice, We are the People and We are One.

By Jason Thompson, Chapter President
BU2 Child Support
April 7, 2010

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