New study confirms: “Unions Make the Middle Class”

Want a stronger economy with a healthy middle class?

The answer is stronger unions. According to a new study, each percentage point increase in union membership raises the income of the average middle-class family – union member and nonmember alike – by $153. If union membership were as high as it was in 1980, middle-class families would be bringing home $1,532 more every year. 


“Unions make the middle class strong by ensuring workers have a strong voice in both the market and in our democracy. When unions are strong they are able to ensure that workers are paid fair wages, receive the training they need to advance to the middle class, and are considered in corporate decision-making processes. Unions also promote political participation among all Americans, and help workers secure government policies that support the middle class, such as Social Security, family leave, and the minimum wage.”

as union membership decreases, middle class income shrinks

Read more about the report from the Center for American Progress.

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