Stand Up for California: Modesto seniors join the fight

It keeps growing. Modesto seniors, inspired from stories and photos from similar events earlier this week in nearby Visalia, came together in front of Senator Anthony Canella’s Modesto office to show the impact that the billions of dollars in state budget cuts have had on their community.

Jenny Kenoyer, a retired nurse and Modesto senior, lead the charge:

“The generation I come from is strong, and we never thought we’d have to ask for help. Yet so many older women who have always been the backbone of our families and communities now struggle to get by on Social Security spousal benefits or small SSI or SSP checks. Some are still working in their 70s and 80s, but if we keep dismantling our support system, what will happen to them when they can no longer work?”

The group urged Senators Canella and Tom Berryhill, along with other Valley legislators to support Governor Brown’s balanced approach to closing the budget gap. The plan will avoid potentially devastating cuts to services that many seniors rely on.

As has been the theme, the rally was bi-partisan. Seniors, caregivers and their families spoke out and joined a growing list of Californians who support the plan that will protect jobs and services, and push California’s economic recovery forward.

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