Stand Up for California: Taking the message to Republican hometowns

April 30, 2011- Passing a state budget with no more drastic cuts to services is critical. And we need Republican support to make that happen. So on a warm Saturday morning, SEIU 521 members traveled to the hometowns of republican politicians in Ceres, Paso Robles and Tulare, and urged their constituents to call them and say: “Stand up for California. We need a budget with no more drastic cuts.”

We’re making a difference. More than 1,600 constituents agreed to make the call and almost 600 said they would place a “Stand Up For California” sign on their lawn.

Photo on the left: Homecare workers Sharon Cho (left) and Yong Soung walk a precinct in Paso Robles April 30.

“Our legislative leaders need a wake up call,” said Greg Gomez, who walked in Assemblywoman Connie Conway’s district in Tulare. “I was happy to walk the streets that Assemblywoman Connie Conway grew up on and remind her that we, her citizens, need basic government services. She needs to vote to continue the taxes currently in place.”

As part of a coalition, 521 members joined others from SEIU 1000, SEIU UHW, AFSCME, UDW, CSEA, The Labor Federation, SEIU State Council, and PTA. After a brief training, members received a precinct map and voter registration lists and hit the neighborhoods, knocking on doors and having direct one-on-one conversations with voters.

Photo above: Coalition members listen to a training briefing April 30 in Paso Robles.

Santa Cruz County member Jim Heaney was among those who gathered in Republican Senator Sam Blakeslee’s district in Paso Robles.
“California continues to suffer under budget cuts,” Jim said. “Vital community services are being impacted. When children have nowhere to play after school, crime will increase and we’ll spend more on the judicial system. It’s important that representatives put party politics aside and support the citizens of California.”

Photo above: Santa Cruz County member Jim Heaney (left) and Region 2 Vice President Matt Nathanson listen to the morning briefing April 30 in Paso Robles.

Santa Clara County delegate Rosemary Romo also volunteered in Paso Robles.
“It’s important to pass this budget,” she said. “It’s better to do that than to cut jobs and take away services from seniors and the disabled – our most vulnerable people. My son is disabled so this affects me personally.”

Photo above: Santa Clara County Delegate Rosemary Romo was among those who walked in Republican Senator Sam Blakeslee’s district April 30.

In another Republican district, member leader James Hackett and other members walked in the city of Ceres.
“The residents I spoke with were more than willing to talk to me and share their thoughts,” he said. “They are fed up with the politics. They want their representatives to not cut services and make efficient use of the resources they currently have.”

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