CSU Stanislaus students, faculty & staff launch online campaign, urge Valley legislators to “Stand Up for California!”


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Delegation of Students to Visit Sen. Cannella’s Modesto Office

(Turlock, CA) – California State University (CSU), Stanislaus students, faculty, and community members will converge on the campus Quad Tuesday to launch an online campaign to urge Valley legislators to “Stand up for California” and keep the doors to higher education open to Central Valley students by supporting Gov. Jerry Brown’s balanced approach to the budget. Following the event, a delegation of students will visit Senator Cannella’s Modesto office to carry the same message.

After $1 billion in cuts made to the CSU and University of California systems earlier this year, Governor Brown’s budget plan calls for maintaining current revenues so California won’t have to make even deeper cuts to education that is so critical to our future.

A state budget that doesn’t maintain existing revenues — the approach some valley legislators prefer — would mean $15 billion more in cuts, and hundreds of thousands of qualified young people turned away from California’s public colleges and universities.

WHO: CSU Stanislaus students, faculty, staff and community members

WHEN: Tuesday, May 3 @ 10:30am

WHAT: Students, faculty, staff launch online campaign, visit Sen. Canella’s Modesto office.

WHERE: California State University Stanislaus – One University Circle – Turlock, California 95382.

Note: The event will take place in the quad area located in-between the Vasche library and the cafeteria. The quad can be reached by entering the campus via the main entrance, off of One University Circle.

These students and educators are among families, seniors, parents, business owners and others who have put aside their differences to support Governor Brown’s balanced approach to closing the state’s budget gap and move California’s economic recovery forward. The governor’s plan includes cuts he has already signed into law and a proposal to maintaining existing revenues that has been held up by partisan gridlock.www.standupforca.org.

For more information on how more budget cuts will hurt education and California’s future prosperity, visit

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