Stand Up for California: Revenue extensions still critical

SEIU 521 President

"We must address the structural deficit with real solutions this year; we cannot afford another year of delays and borrowing. A $13 billion gap cannot be closed without more revenues. We need to tell the legislators that our schools and public safety agencies cannot afford to lay off thousands more teachers, social service workers, public health nurses, and firefighters." --Gwyn Harshaw, SEIU Local 521 President

Governor Brown released the revised May budget this month and the economic forecast is still dismal
for California if we don’t get an extension of revenues for another five years.

The good news is our state economy is bouncing back, netting $6.6 billion more in tax revenue than once thought over the next 13 months. The bad news: The deficit is at $9.6 billion through June 30, 2012, and the plan calls for the elimination of 5,500 state jobs and 43 boards and commissions.
The governor bluntly laid out what an all-cuts budget would mean for Californians:

  • Suspension of Proposition 98 and possible elimination of 4 weeks of school or the laying off of 51,000 teachers
  • Doubling the cut to higher education costing CSU and UC $1 billion each
  • Reductions in fire protection and public safety
  • Elimination of IHSS, Adult Protective Services and further reductions to the CalWORKs grants
  • Freezing the issuance of any new general obligation bond debt delaying key infrastructure projects statewide
  • Further cuts in water quality programs, parks, food and agricultural protection, and veterans services

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