Stand Up for California: Standing up at Cal State Stanislaus

Students, faculty and staff at CSU Stanislaus want to see Senators Berryhill and Cannella stand with them.

The highlight of the campus rally? Mobile action stations setup by students and staff. The stations allowed every one in attendance to email and call their local legislator and urge them to keep the doors to higher education open in the Central Valley.

CSU and UC systems have already been hit with $1 billion dollars in cuts earlier this year, and without a sensible budget could face $15 billion more in cuts. That would mean hundreds of thousands of qualified students would be turned away from California’s public colleges and universities.

Celeste Mitchell, a CSU Stanislaus senior and former foster child in attendance spoke from the heart about what the cuts could mean.

“Too many people here in the Central Valley live in poverty, and keeping the doors of higher education open is the only way to break that cycle for so many families. After earning my degree, I want to put it to use to help others in my community. Sadly, if fees keep going up and financial aid keeps getting cut, hundreds of thousands of California students won’t have the same opportunity.”

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