Stand Up for California: Valley families looking for leadership

Valley families looking for leadership in CA Budget fightDozens of local families – including seniors, parents, students and community allies converged on Assemblymember David Valadao’s Hanford office with a simple demand — Please stand up and show real leadership. 

Photo: Up and down the state, GOP legislators are hearing from constituents: STOP the extreme cuts! Californians across the political spectrum are fed up with politicians who refuse to be part of the solution. 

Extremists in Valadao’s party are proposing cuts to our budget that would devastate everything from public education to local safety, regardless of the impact those cuts would have on local families. These services, which have already been cut to the bone, would face an additional $13 billion in cuts – pulling the rug out from under vulnerable seniors, slashing law enforcement even as crime is rising, and chopping up to a month off our kids’ school year.

Hanford resident and and Fresno City College professor Mark Trezza called out Valadao during the rally.

“We’re calling on Assemblymember Valadao to stop hiding behind generalities and abstractions and tell us where he would make the cuts locally. Whose jobs would he cut in Sheriff Robinson’s Department? In District Attorney Strickland’s office? Which crimes should not be prosecuted? How many teachers should be let go in Kings County? It’s easy to take an abstract position against government. It’s a lot tougher to deal with the reality of more budget cuts in our community.”

According to the Senate Budget Committee, more than 100 Kern County Sherriff’s deputies could lose their jobs, putting public safety at further risk.

But it’s not just public safety. Counties represented by Valadao, which already have some of the highest poverty rates in the state, would face nearly $500 million in education cuts, putting current and future students in jeopardy. And that worries Mary Gonzales-Gomez, a member of the board of the Corcoran Unified School District.

“I’m extremely disappointed that Assemblymember Valadao has stood on the sidelines and let extremists in his party block the solutions we need in order to protect our schools and health care for seniors and families. I’m here to ask him to be the leader our community needs.”

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