The Purple Buzz – May 12, 2011

Hanford stands up for California, calls on a balanced approach from Valadao

Community members came to Assemblyman David Valadao’s office in Hanford Thursday to tell him to help pass a balanced approach to California’s budget.

“My only hope is to go back to school, get my education, retrain for a new job. All these budget cuts are going to take away from my ability to possibly do that,” said Louie Campos, a community member.

Valadao’s 30th District is evenly split between the parties. But instead of representing his moderate district, Valadao has kept to the hard partisan position that would slash education and public services even more.

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New SEIU california ad shows what unites Californians: ending extreme cuts

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Nine days left: Keep filling those bins!

There are only nine days left in SEIU 521’s food drive “Food for All” – still enough time to bring some canned goods to a bin nearest you.

Members kicked off the food drive last week and have already placed more than 65 bins in 15 different cities, from Bakersfield to Monterey.

The need for donations is great, so we need to keep up the good work!

Call him “Nurse Harris”

For 13 years, he worked alongside nurses at Kern Medical Center. For four years, he’s worked for nurses at SEIU Local 521. After all that, the nurses decided Ernest Harris had done enough to be considered one of them.

Harris was given an honorary nursing degree last week at Nurse Alliance of California’s legislative conference.

Nurse Harris is second from left in this photo, receiving his honorary degree.

Union turns 4 years old on 5-21

Celebrations include a picnic party in Hanford and an APALA Heritage event in Fresno

Quick Quiz

Question: In what year did CEOs get the biggest pay packages?
A) 2007 – When the economy was booming
B) 2008 – The beginning of the recession
C) 2009 – The U.S. economy declines
D) 2010 – One in eight Americans enrolled to receive food stamps

Answer: D) 2010. While 40 million American families signed up for food stamps in 2010, CEOs at the nation’s largest companies received median pay packages of $9 million, a whopping 25% increase over 2009, when their median pay was a measly $7.2 million.

The highest-paid CEO in 2010 – Philippe Dauman of Viacom – received a pay package of $84.5 million, two and a half times what he made the year before.

Meanwhile, the average pay for workers in 2010? $40,500.

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