Governor Brown vetoes state budget

Fresno Vigil for the State Budget

Members of the Fresno community came out Monday to call for a balanced approach to a balanced budget.

The state Legislature on Wednesday approved an on-time budget, over Republicans’ objections, using their new power to pass a spending plan with a simple majority vote. But Gov. Jerry Brown said it wasn’t good enough, and vetoed it.

What does this mean?

It means we still need to tell Republicans to reject the extremists and work with the governor to give Californians the right to vote on extending revenues. The Democrats were willing to do what they could, but until Republicans are willing to compromise with the governor on extending revenues, California can’t move forward.

California’s fiscal mess wasn’t created overnight, and we can’t fix it overnight. Reasonable Republican legislators still have the opportunity to break the extremists’ grip on their party and work with the legislature and governor to extend revenues this year.

Here’s how you can help.

For more information on the need for a balanced approach to a balanced budget, visit the Stand Up for California website.

The latest news: The Sacramento Bee reports Gov. Brown is still working for a bipartisan solution.

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3 Responses to “Governor Brown vetoes state budget”

  1. Matt Nathanson says:

    I appreciate the quick, late-breaking news, but would like to have more detail in the report.

  2. ogg says:

    Great job Jerry! keep up thew great work in Sacramento……………keep on fighting….

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