Members walk in Visalia for balanced budget

SEIU 521 members walked neighborhoods in Visalia Saturday, June 11, to alert residents that their assembly member was fighting against a balanced solution to a balanced budget.

Herman Williams puts a lawn sign in a yard during Saturday's precinct walk in Visalia.

Herman Williams, who works in housekeeping at Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield, worked an overnight shift at the hospital, then came up to Visalia to walk.

“I want to try and set a good example as far as being a part of the union and wanting to make a change, getting out there and changing the government. We gotta start taking it all back, making a difference,” Williams said.

Rosie Kidwell and Anna Moreno also came up from Bakersfield.

“I care about the budget and how it affects our whole community,” said Kidwell.

Anna Moreno, left, and Rosie Kidwell spend a Saturday morning walking in Visalia to let residents know what their elected legislators are up to.

After talking to one resident who said she hadn’t even heard of the budget battle, Moreno said that’s exactly why she came out. “It’s important to bring awareness to people. They just don’t know the impact it has on every citizen.”

Region 5 Vice President Greg Gomez spent his wedding anniversay walking in neighborhoods. Don’t worry, he’s not in trouble — he brought his wife along.

Ruby and Greg Gomez marked 17 years of marriage by fighting for a better California.

“I wanted to be helping the union,” Ruby Gomez said. “I told my husband, let’s go help the union.”

The walk targeted Assemblymember Connie Conway, who is the leader of the Assembly Republicans. Although she’s not likely to vote for allowing Californians to vote on tax extensions, the Stand Up for California campaign came to her neighborhood in hopes that she’ll let two of her Republican colleagues vote for the balanced approach to a balanced budget.

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