[Monterey] County layoffs could have ripple effect in community

Published in KionRightNow.com – June 6, 2011
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By Katelyn Sykes

SALINAS — Monday, the Monterey County Board of Supervisors got a first-look at a proposed budget that would cut nearly 200 jobs.

The public also had a chance to weigh-in on the cuts, some people saying “it will hurt vital programs.”

Monday, we took the story a step further.  As more and more people are at-risk of losing their jobs it not only affects them, but also hits the local economy.

“This is not the path to get us back to fiscal stability,” said Max Stone, SEIU 521.  Stone spoke out against the potential layoffs in front of Supervisors, Monday.  As you would expect, he is fighting hard to keep people he represents employed and said if their jobs go away there will be a ripple effect in the community.

“These workers who are slated for layoffs they also pay property taxes, pay mortgages,” said Stone.  “For them to no longer be paying property taxes, this is funds we rely on in order to fund the county government.”

That’s not the area that will be affected.

“What you have is less dollars in the community buying goods at the grocery store, going to the restaurants and so at the limit you can see a trickling affect into other businesses,” said Bill Hastie, Hayashi & Wayland Wealth Management.

Hastie calls the job market in this area already “thin” so those who are laid off could have a hard time being re-employed.

“For the last position we filled I had over 200 resumes, and actually we cut it off at 200.  So it’s going to be tough for them to re-employ,” said Hastie.

Public comment continues Tuesday.

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