Monterey County members speak up for social services

Monterey County board of supervisors meeting

Diego Quevedo, Vice President of Unit K, addresses the Board of Supervisors June 6.

June 6, 2011 – Monterey County members attended the Board of Supervisors meeting and told the board to find solutions to balancing the budget, without slashing jobs and services.

The county is considering cutting about 200 jobs, many from social services.

Max Stone, Chapter President for Unit K, told the board that laying off workers hurts the community and the local economy.

Monterey County Board of Supervisors meeting June 6, 2011

Max Stone, President Unit K

“This is not the path to get us back to fiscal stability,” he said. “These workers who are slated for layoffs they also pay property taxes, pay mortgages. For them to no longer be paying property taxes, this is funds we rely on in order to fund the county government.”

Diego Quevedo, Vice President for Unit K told supervisors that there are up to $25 million in potential savings available, including:

• Consolidating human resources departments (up to $6.5 million in potential savings)

• Closing out vacant positions (minimum of $10 million in potential savings)

• Revisiting employee vacation buyouts (up to $1.5 million in potential savings)

• Closing out expense contractors (unknown millions in potential savings)

“We’re willing to do our fair share,” Diego said. “But it’s challenging when we see services on the chopping block while we’re spending millions on empty positions, departmental redundancy, and contracting out.”

In bargaining sessions we’ve been told that we have enough revenue to see us through this year. Yet cuts are being proposed due to unknowns about next year’s economy.

That’s not in the community’s best interest, said David Mack, Bargaining Team member from Unit J.

“Cutting jobs this year, out of fear of what MAY happen next year, will not prevent the future you’re predicting. It will create it,” he said. “We must find solutions that protect jobs and avoid cuts to social services. It’s what’s best for the county, for the economy, and for the community.”

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