Sixth Circuit ruling a tremendous victory

Sixth Circuit ruling a tremendous victory for the health of seniors, working families and future generations

Washington, DC — In response to today’s ruling by the Sixth Circuit Court upholding the individual responsibility provisions of the Affordable Care Act, L. Toni Lewis, MD, Chair of SEIU Healthcare issued this statement:

“With millions of Americans struggling to afford healthcare in the face of rising gas and grocery costs and shrinking paychecks, today’s ruling comes down firmly on the side of common sense and the common good. By upholding the idea that everyone participate in our healthcare system and pay their fair share, today’s ruling also means that no one will be left behind.

“Americans are benefitting from the insurance protections and benefits of the healthcare law every day. Seniors are seeing their prescription drug costs reduced, more college graduates hitting the job market have health insurance they can count on and children with pre-existing conditions can no longer be denied care.

“Day by day, the Affordable Care Act continues to increase access to quality, secure, affordable healthcare for seniors and working families. Today’s ruling means that millions more Americans will have this same opportunity.”


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