Monterey County members overwhelmingly ratify contract

Monterey County members overwhelmingly ratified their contract with more than 83% voting YES on Thursday, July 7. Following the membership vote, the contract was approved by the Monterey County Board of Supervisors at its July meeting.

With the County still feeling the pinch of the recession — and budget deficits reaching the state level — the bargaining team worked hard to ensure that saving jobs and services was priority #1.

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“SEIU members do not give concessions, we find collaborative solutions to problems,” said Dean Carothers, a Bargaining Team member. “Special thanks to my fellow bargaining team members, whose dedication and perseverance brought home a contract that not only helps members, but also serves to support the employer and the community. That’s what being an SEIU member is all about.”

The two-year contract (July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2013) includes:

– Employer-paid health care: NO CHANGE

– 3.5% employee contribution to retirement plan

– 1% one-time signing bonus at the 7th step

–  4 paid days off, such as during winter recess or floating holidays

–  Formation of a Labor Management Committee of workers & bosses to discuss workload

Voting was held from July 5 – 7 at multiple worksites from Seaside all the way down to King City.

“I voted YES because it’s a guarantee of two years,” said Rudy Pulido, Groundskeeper, Public Works, after voting on Thursday. “It’s good because there could have been benefits taken away, something negative. But this seems like something positive.”

David Mack, Associate Planner and Bargaining Team member, said besides saving services and jobs, the contract may help boost the local economy.

“The Green Holidays should allow people to spend more time with their families and invest in the community,” he said.

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3 Responses to “Monterey County members overwhelmingly ratify contract”

  1. Diana Smith says:

    Does this mean no layoffs for J unit?

  2. Nora Guadalajara says:

    83% sounds really good for employees. i hope the labor management committee can address workload issues across the board to get input from those DOING the work.

  3. SIEU Member says:

    This contract may not seem like concession were made, but in fact, there were. Paying 3.5% into PERS is only the beginning. Before you know it, employees will be paying the entire 7%. No congratulations here!!

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