Santa Clara County bargaining update

Santa Clara County strike sanction rally on July 11, 2011

Santa Clara County workers explain what an equitable contract means

July 12 Bargaining update:

Management willing to “credit” workers more in the savings solutions we’ve proposed.

But there’s still a significant gap and the county is unwavering in its demand for $53 million concessions for fiscal year ending 2012.

THE GOOD NEWS: County lowered its Fiscal Year 2013 concessions goal from $53 million to $40 million.

What do we do now? (PDF)

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4 Responses to “Santa Clara County bargaining update”

  1. Margaret Rogers says:

    I just wanted to make two points. 1. If we accept any medical coverage payment that is tied to the cost of the coverage, we tie our required payment to the market and there is no limit to that cost. and 2. Those of us who may not ever be able to retire, because of our time in the county and our age, will be saddled with money down the drain if we are required to pay for future medical insurance now.

  2. Margaret Rogers says:

    I just heard recently that the bargaining committee is considering a proposal that we trade all overtime pay for any holiday for two floating holidays. If that is true, it is grossly unfair to people who are working in 24/7 jobs and are required to work on holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, etc. There are many workers at VMC and the Jails (maybe other places) who work those jobs. Please reconsider this proposal. Also, please let me know if it is true.

  3. michael shannon says:

    My were we given DAYS to vote to strike and only 6 hours to vote a contract ? Were you that unsure of its out come 521 that you had to make voting so hard for us ?

  4. Curtis says:

    We gave ourselves only 6 hrs. to radify the tentatively agreed upon contract when we made that rule part of our chapters bylaws. Now that the new contract is radified, we have time to focus our attention on making a big change to our own rules, that is, a change in our by-laws to undo the limit on a radification vote to “1 time only for 6 hours max.” As you agree that this should be changed, be sure to do your part in making this change for the future. Thank you in advance! This also goes for any one else who agrees!!

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