Vote for Your Social Work Supervisor Vice Chair

WHEN: Friday, July 29, 2011 – Noon-2 p.m.

WHERE: California Room, 333 W. Julian Street, Building 2, 5th Floor

Candidates on the Ballot:

Cuevas, Tony

Letona, Yazmina

Stahr, Kathleen

*Candidate names intentionally listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Read candidate statements below.

Voting Information:

· You must be a member in order to vote. (You can become a member at the vote.)

· You must be in the following job classifications to vote: Social Work Supervisor and Social Work Coordinator II.

· Write in, proxy, and absentee votes are not permitted.

· Candidates have a right to have observers present at the vote.

Campaign Rules:

· Personal Attacks & Negative Campaigning: The Election Committee urges all candidates to run a positive campaign and not make personal attacks against fellow candidates which may be false or untrue.

· Campaign Policy: No candidate can campaign within 50 feet of the entrance of the voting location. Markers will be placed on the ground identifying 50 feet.

· Campaign Materials: Any campaign materials found in the voting areas will be removed. Candidates placing campaign materials in the voting areas will be instructed to stop. If a candidate is found dispersing campaign materials in the voting area, the candidate may be asked to leave the voting site. This may result in the Election Committee determining, or overturning the election.

· Candidates at Voting Locations: Candidates can campaign at the voting location as long as the candidate adheres to the campaign policy listed above. No candidate can tell another candidate they cannot campaign at any voting location. If there are questions regarding whether a candidate can campaign at a location, those questions will be deferred to the Election Committee or the Local Union Trustee for resolution.

Candidate Statements

Tony Cuevas:I have been employed by Santa Clara County since 1998 and have had many roles: Day Care Aide, Children’s Counselor, Eligibility Worker II, Social worker I, Social worker II, Social worker III and Social Work Coordinator II. I was a steward in the 521 Worker’s Chapter for several years before accepting the role of 521 Assistant Chief Steward for the supervisor’s chapter. I am also the El Comite Secretary. My motivation for the role of Vice Chair is simply to obtain the best possible contract and working conditions for our members during these difficult economic times. I never rest until justice is served and I am not afraid to fight for what is fair. I would rather be respected by management than promoted!”

Yazmina Letona: “I believe that I have sufficient knowledge and skill in order to do the job and I have the ability to lead in an honest and competent manner.”

Kathleen Stahr:I have worked for DFCS for over 16 years. I have been a supervisor for over 7 years. I have worked in both Dependency Investigation and in Continuing Services. I am currently a steward for the supervisor’s chapter. I am qualified for this position, and believe that I will continue the tradition of our previous Vice Chair, by fulfilling this position with integrity, passion for fairness, diplomacy, and an appreciation for the responsibility and trust inherent in this task. Thank you.”

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