Bargaining Update: Aug. 1 Session

The Bargaining Team believes we are close to a Tentative Agreement and will continue bargaining today (Tuesday, Aug. 2) until the contract is done.

Here is the progress we want to share so far:

We succeeded in pushing management to drop $20 million in takeaways off the table over the next two years.

We fought off many of the draconian cuts management proposed in late April.  For example, we fought off:

  • Permanent wage cuts
  • Step freezes for three years
  • Weaker overtime rules
  • Giving new hires a lower retirement plan
  • Increased premiums to our Kaiser and Health Net Users

We have a “me, too” clause that ensures that if a group negotiaties a wage or benefit enhancement, we get it too.

We listened to the membership and stuck to furloughs: 10 days the first year and 4 days the second year.

We succeeded in keeping our personal belief days and, plus, we can roll over any unused personal belief days to the next fiscal year starting July 1, 2012.

Stay tuned for a ratification vote coming very soon. Be sure to VOTE YES  because none of this will go into effect unless WE VOTE TO APPROVE IT.

The Bargaining Team and Contract Action Team members will be communicating to members in the coming days once a Tentative Agreement is in hand. Stay tuned…

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5 Responses to “Bargaining Update: Aug. 1 Session”

  1. D. J. Olson says:

    I am many of my fellow workers do appreciate all of your hard work, however, as with any vote, we would like ALL the aspects of the proposed contract that you want us to vote on at least a day or two before the vote by e-mail. Many also feel the terms that only affected new hires should have been left in, so as to advert future budget shortage, as the economy is not getting better real soon. This would also give future negotiations something to fight for. Many plan to vote NO, if we do not receive the information via e-mail, as many of us have families or live out of County and cannot come to the Union Hall at 6 pm. Sorry if this is inconvenient for you, however your voting practices have been inconvenient for us.

    • SEIU Local 521 says:

      The tentative agreement is still being finalized. Copies will be made available for members to review at the voting site. Our Negotiating Team will be having a negotiations update meeting on Thursday, August 4, 2011, at 6pm at the union office located 2302 Zanker Road, San Jose 95131. Please come and have your questions and concerns addressed before the vote.

  2. Gloria says:

    I am in agreement with D.J. Olson I would like to see all aspects of the agreement atleast one or two days before the vote. I feel you are doing the best job that you can on behalf of us but would like to be aware of what I am voting for before I vote. Reading it right before I vote is not sufficient for me. I don’t want to hear a bunch of confusion and fast talk at the negotiation update meeting I want to take time to read and absorbe what will be agreed.

  3. Gloria Perez-Forte says:

    Could you please send us an example of how this contract will affect our wages. You can use any dollar amount you want. But please show me the break down of how much we will pay thanks, Gloria

  4. SEIU Local 521 says:

    Come to today’s meeting at 6 p.m., 2302 Zanker Road, and get the full details on the tentative agreement. The paycut is less than $300 for the AVERAGE worker and is on a SLIDING SCALE so that those who earn less are less impacted.

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