Community raises job concerns at Rep. Farr town hall

Jobs Town Hall with Rep. FarrOn Aug. 29 Monterey County residents urged Sam Farr (D-Carmel) to continue his focus on creating jobs at a town hall meeting in Salinas.

This month Congress members are back in their home districts to meet with constituents before heading back to Washington. Everywhere they go, they’re hearing hardship stories of unemployment and foreclosures.

With state unemployment near 12 percent, thousands of families are down on their luck.

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At Rep. Farr’s town hall, people expressed that they are fed up with politics that focuses on debt reduction and tax giveaways to CEOs, instead of creating jobs for our communities.

“Because some selfish members of Congress wasted everyone’s time we are 3 months behind in legislation to create jobs for working families,” said Dean Carothers, a Monterey County employee and 521 member, who attended Sam Farr’s town hall. “Not only has this harmed our neighbors, but it has contributed to an additional debt due to the credit downgrade. This will be borne on the backs of most of us. Sam Farr was here to tell us that he has been fighting and is continuing to fight for new jobs in our community.”

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One Response to “Community raises job concerns at Rep. Farr town hall”

  1. Jim Kelly says:

    How can he be saying he is for jobs then he goes and votes for NAFTA and otehr Free trade wills that are free to send our jobs overseas, free to send Plantronics to Mexico and leave tax payers bailing out unemoployed workers, and free to allow Pnama, Korea and the most dangerous place for trade unionist Columbia, a deal that will cost future jobs by the millions? You cant fool me I am sticking with the union. JOBS@! JO=job opportunity
    BS=”free” trade is too costly! Fair trade not free to trade jobs away!

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