Community raises job concerns at Rep. Lofgren town hall

Photo 1: Jobs Town Hall with Rep. LofgrenOn Aug. 22 Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-San Jose) heard directly from her constituents about the need to create jobs during a town hall meeting in San Jose.

More town halls scheduled.

With state unemployment near 12 percent, thousands of families are down on their luck.

As politics play out on the national stage, middle class families are left in the lurch – no jobs, lost homes, and feeling the impact on their families and communities.

“Please work to create more jobs,” said Luz Rodriguez, a homecare worker and SEIU 521 member, during the town hall meeting at the Center for Employment Training.

Rodriguez also read aloud one of the “Jobless in America” stories submitted on the Local 521 website. The online stories were collected and given to Rep. Lofgren’s staff. Tell your story here.

This month Congress members are back in their home districts to meet with constituents before heading back to Washington. Everywhere they go, they’re hearing hardship stories that would touch even the most seasoned politicians.

On Aug. 22, people expressed to Rep. Lofgren that they are fed up with politics that focuses on debt reduction and tax giveaways to CEOs. We need our representatives to work on creating jobs to rebuild our communities instead.

Rep. Lofgren, a staunch supporter of job creation, listened intently to each speaker and thanked them for sharing their personal stories of success and hardship in the labor market.


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