Santa Clara Co. members approve contract

Update: More important news about the contract
Furlough smoothing, paycheck changes, and summary of contract agreement
The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on Aug. 9 to approve our contract agreement with the county.  Click on the link to get the summary of contract agreement, the PowerPoint presentation on voting day that explains how the 10 furlough days work, and further clarification on August 12 and 26 paychecks.
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Congratulations to Santa Clara County SEIU 521 members! By majority vote, employees ratified a two-year contract Saturday with the county.

The Board of Supervisors will meet Tuesday to officially approve the agreement.

Here is official statement from the Board of Supervisors, issued in press release:

“Our employees demanded that we listen, that we work with them to come up with creative and effective ways to deal with the hardship of budget cuts. We listened, and they have responded with a new contract that utilizes thoughtful solutions to deal with the sacrifices of these difficult times we are living in. They are to be commended for that and they will be remembered in the future for having carried a difficult burden when the county most needed their help.”

What our members said about the contract:

“I had friends on the Negotiating Team and they worked really hard to make the cuts better for us, so it wouldn’t hurt so much. Our team did a very good job!” – Ruben Sandoval, Stock Clerk Specialist, Valley Medical Center

“It could have been much worse. All the actions we did, the Unity Breaks… It was awesome. It spoke for us. We stood together as brothers and sisters.” – Leticia Tafoya, Eligibility Worker, Social Services

“I’m glad it’s over, some things had to be given. It’s so much better than it could have been . The cuts are going to hurt but it could have be a lot more.” – Janice Fanara, Board Clerk II, Clerk of the Board Office

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9 Responses to “Santa Clara Co. members approve contract”

  1. UknowMe says:

    The contract team didn’t do enough. This contract sucks. This is why there are no more Unions, we don’t want to fight for our rights and go on strike. Remeber who they are, these are the same people who didn’t get us a raise when CEMA and BOS got a raise. These are the same people who don’t stand up to management. Was MLK or Cesar Chavez afraid to stand up for his rights? Did they stand there and just take it? Like Michael Jackson “Man in the Mirror.”

  2. heidi pham says:

    Up to this time, I have not see what is the completed and agreements of the contract look like. Please post it on SEIU 521 website.
    Heidi Pham – Probation Dept.

  3. YOLANDA says:

    This may be hard times but I don’t agree to the contract. To take away so much from those who earn so is a crime. I’ve given up a pay raise too many times for the “good of the whole community”. Well they aren’t paying my bills. So I now quit!

  4. Elena Moreno says:

    Im just very happy I still have a Job in these ruff time. Glads its over!

  5. Laura Sprague says:

    The workers have been ripped off by the county government and SEIU. SEIU leaders totally intimidated and manipulated their constituency by not clearly stating what WAS lost, choosing instead to try and explain away a crap contract by trying to say “WE BEAT BACK” blah, blah and blah. And whenever a question or issue was raised in the information session (which was another SEIU propaganda event that did NOT allow any criticism of SEIU direction and decisions) that didn’t show total support for the negogiated contract, members were in essence shouted down for daring to question the contract. Workers were told to vote YES on the proposed contract without being given the full and unbiased language of the contract. The SEIU summary was what they wanted us to hear, not everything they gave up. SEIU leadership is worse than the county – at least we know who they’re trying to screw us. And just so you know, I was a chief steward and have been a steward for SEIU for almost 10 years but no more. SEIU is dishonest, manipulative and no friend to the workers.

  6. Dan McInerney says:

    We went the hard way in’75 & won great rights for our union;you sweated blood for us in’11.I’m proud of you!!! An 88 year old brother.You go,Bro!

  7. carmen Hanson, retired 521 says:

    Thank you, negotiators, you did a great job at that very difficult & frustrating task. Bravo! Thank God it is over.

  8. Kristine says:

    I also do NOT agree with the furlough days and the percentage increase to PERS. I am tired of giving more away with each new contract… Why did we even go to the Labor Union for a strike sanction and then roll over and accept the furlough days?! I think we could have done better…

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