Santa Clara County Chapter: More important news about the contract

Furlough smoothing, paycheck changes, and summary of contract agreement

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously today to approve our contract agreement with the county.

The summary of the contract agreement can be viewed here. (PDF)

Please note: This summary document is not final; additional changes to the language may still be needed.

All of the paycheck changes will be effective on this Friday’s pay day (Aug. 12) EXCEPT for the smoothing of the furloughs which will not begin until the next pay period, and will cover a total of 23 pay periods. The county could not implement the changes necessary to start the furlough smoothing until the next pay period, which will show on the paycheck on Aug. 26.

Further Clarification on August 12 and August 26 Paychecks

– August 12 Paycheck:
1. 2.01% will be deducted from your Paycheck for PERS ( effective rate: 2.15% because the deduction is based on PERS Retirement Salary that is 7% higher when you retire)
2. $2.57 for medical retirement
3. Added time to vacation (Year 1: 4 days replacing 4 holidays; 32 hours of added vacation on an accrual basis/not a lump amount ) – The maximum vacation hours has been increased by 48 hours if you happen to max out on accrual vacation. Yes maximum hours of vacation is increased by 48 hours!

– The next Paycheck, August 26th will include a deduction of 3.47 hours for furlough days and the above (1, 2 and 3).

To repeat: The furlough smoothing will cover 23 pay periods with the first deduction on the paycheck of Aug. 26. All other deductions will begin with this Friday’s paycheck.

The final contract calls for the the hiring at lower steps to start on Aug. 8, rather than Aug. 6, as announced prior.

For those who missed the PowerPoint presentation on voting day that explains how the 10 furlough days work, it is now available online. (PPT)

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2 Responses to “Santa Clara County Chapter: More important news about the contract”

  1. Bonnie York says:

    I do not understand the co-pay for meds. what does it mean 5-$10 co-payment for prescriptions (30-day supply) and $10-$20 co-payment for prescriptions (100-day supply)? please let me know in more detail.

  2. Shirlene Towler says:

    The PPT has some typos, and one error. It says that in Year Two New Years Day and President’s Day will return to being holidays. But it’s not President’s Day, it’s the Day after Thanksgiving (as stated later in the PPT).

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