SEIU 521 Biennial Convention: Approved Delegates

October 7-9, 2011 – San Jose

Approved Biennial Convention Delegates
Delegates List by Chapter (PDF)

Our delegates will help set the course to rebuild our middle class

What does a member-driven union mean? It means we, the members, help run SEIU Local 521. And every two years, we elect delegates to come together, review our progress and develop our priorities as a Local for the coming years.

This year a big focus will be on reshaping our economy to benefit everyone, not just a few. Working families are struggling now more than ever while million-dollar CEO pay packages just keep getting larger. How do we make things better?

Open Space Technology at Convention
There will be no planned agenda, no pre-announced workshops, and no panel discussions. Instead, our convention uses Open Space Technology, a fluid, open process of holding a conference in which, based on the stated goals of the gathering, the participants create the agenda and lead the discussions on the topics that most interest them and for which they choose to be responsible. With Open Space, no one is in control. It’s chaotic, productive, and fun. And everyone becomes each other’s teacher and leader. The result of this process is a Book of Proceedings: a document which compiles all of the information and input from each Open Space Conversation that will guide the work to come.

SEIU 521 President“This is the time of fighting for a fair economy. Our 521 convention is an exciting opportunity to learn more about our union, network with other members, and help figure out how we can rebuild the middle class.”
— Gwyn Harshaw, SEIU Local 521 President


  • July 25, 2011: Nominations Open
    Nomination petitions available for delegate candidates.
  • July 25 – Aug 31, 2011: Nominations period
    Nomination Petitions must be postmarked by August 26, 2011 and received by the union office no later than 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 31. NOTE: Check with individual Chapters for specific nomination/election dates and deadlines.
  • Aug 1 – 31, 2011: Voting Period
    Dates and times will be announced by chapter.
  • September 12, 2011: Delegates are seated
  • October 7 – 9, 2011: Constitutional Convention
    (Housing information will follow)
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2 Responses to “SEIU 521 Biennial Convention: Approved Delegates”

  1. Jay Donato says:

    Cool, an election in August, not much else to do.

  2. William Leslie says:

    The main problem the unions confront is public perception, which is largely anti-union and pro-government cut backs. I propose we change that misguided view of things and create a more positive image through increased value, and getting the message out, that more money in the hands of people, who are most likely to spend it, is a good for our economy.

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