See work that needs doing? Snap a pic for Congress

Obviously jobs – not cuts – are our our nation’s most pressing emergency, but you’d never know it by the budget-slashing, job-killing frenzy taking place in Congress these days.

Here’s an idea. Let’s send Congress photos of all the crumbling roads and bridges, overcrowded classrooms and clinics, and rundown schools in our communities. Maybe then Congress will get the big picture: It’s time to put America back to work on the WORK THAT NEEDS DOING.

SEIU is teaming up with other community, labor and advocacy groups on a project to collect these photos along with a message to Congress on The more photos we post, the bigger the impression we will make.

You can help by adding a photo of your own. This is an easy way to get the attention of Congress. All you have to do is:

  • Look around your community for examples of WORK THAT NEEDS DOING, such as neglected parks and playgrounds, buildings in need of retrofitting, understaffed facilities and underserved neighborhoods. It can be as small as an aggravating pot-hole or as big as an unsafe nuclear power plant.
  • Take a picture and upload it on Be sure to include a title and short explanation for your photo, and send a message to Congress while you’re there.
  • Then ask your co-workers, friends, family, and neighbors to do the same.

Congress should act now to put America back to work meeting our infrastructure, education, healthcare, and clean energy needs – and leave our safety net and retirement security intact. Not only will it give the middle class a desperately-needed boost, but it’s the only way to reduce the deficit in the long run.

President Obama proposed a plan to create nearly two million jobs, and dozens of other job-creating proposals are idling in Congress right now. Let’s get them moving! With your help, we can get our economy back on track and start paving the way to a better future for all of us.

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