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WHAT: Library Joint Powers Board Meeting
WHEN: 6 p.m., Monday, Oct. 3
WHERE: Central Branch, 224 Church Street, Santa Cruz

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Or, call or email the Library Joint Powers Authority Board members below to show your support for the Santa Cruz Libraries.

  1. 1. Citizen Barbara Gorson (831) 464-6717
  2. 2. Citizen Leigh Poitinger (831) 429-9532
  3. 3. Citizen Nancy Gerdt (831) 335-3130
  4. 4. Councilmember David Terrazas (831) 420-5020
  5. 5. Councilmember Jim Reed (831) 461-0222
  6. 6. Councilmember Katherine Beiers (831) 420-5020
  7. 7. Councilmember Sam Storey (831) 239-9396
  8. 8. Supervisor Ellen Pirie (831) 454-2200
  9. 9. Supervisor Mark Stone (831) 454-2200


Dear Board Member/Council Member _________:

As a resident and library patron, I am concerned about the lack of transparency with the community on the proposed library staffing model that is scheduled to be approved. While libraries will remain open and hours will increase, we are forgetting about who delivers the quality services, we as residents and patrons receive from our trusted and knowledgeable staff. This staffing model has had zero engagement with the workers while it was being planned including zero on site observation and consultation with the workers and patrons. How is it that a hired consultant can recommend a staffing model without talking to a single worker? That is not transparency.

The reduction of permanent, qualified and dedicated staff and increase of part-time students or volunteers, compromises the experience, knowledge and reliability our community needs during these tough economic times. At a time when poverty levels in our County have increased, we cannot afford to add more burden to our public social services and unemployment in our own community.

I understand times are tough and sacrifices must be made, but how can you implement a plan that has not been vetted with the workers themselves and lacks transparency and accountability from your Board? The community and the workers have a right to a voice. There are ways to reduce the impact to the quality services in our libraries while helping to keep some of our qualified permanent staff and save our Library programs that are unique to each community library. I ask that you do not approve the staffing model and delay its implementation in order to allow the staff to be part of the discussion to identify innovative, efficient and cost savings methods that will save jobs and preserve services to the patrons and giving them a voice in this model which was not given from the start.


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