The Purple Buzz – Sept. 2, 2011

Quick Quiz:

Which SEIU 521 chapters are eligible to have delegates represent them at our first Biennial Convention?

A. Only chapters with at least 1,000 members
B. Every chapter
C. Only one chapter per county
D. Only chapters with less than 500 members

Scroll down to see the answer.

521 members approve contracts in three chapters

SEIU 521 members have recently approved three agreements forged by their bargaining teams!

In Hanford, city workers approved a contract in which they receive a net 1 percent raise this year, another next year, and an increase in on-call pay and health insurance! Read more here:

At the Fresno Superior Court members voted to extend the last contract, with minor provisions, after they voted back in June to accept 96 hours of furloughs. Read more here:

And in Santa Cruz County workers at Salud Para La Gente voted to ratify their contract and beat back an attempt to institute an unfair salary system. Read more here:

Privatization BeastProtect our public libraries

Across California, city councils are making decisions about privatizing our public libraries. Often this happens behind closed doors, with very little community input and without fully understanding how our libraries would be affected. At risk are these valuable community resources.

Call or email your Senator today to support AB 438 and preserve public libraries in your community!

Learn more and see a fun video:

Read an editorial: “Public interest needs protection in deals to privatize libraries,” San Jose Mercury News, Aug. 6, 2011 –

521 members urge Congress to create jobs

Jobless... Tell your storyAt town hall meetings and rallies across the region, SEIU 521 members urged Congress members to focus on creating jobs for our communities.

With state unemployment topping 12 percent, jobs took center stage for SEIU in August, when congressional representatives return to their home towns before going back to Washington. 

“We need to reach out to our congressional representatives and demand they focus on job creation and protecting the jobs that Americans already have,” said Region 5 Vice President Greg Gomez. “America doesn’t need a divided House. We need jobs, jobs, jobs.”

See coverage of these town hall meetings and rallies at:

Quick Quiz:

Which SEIU 521 chapters are eligible to have delegates represent them at our first Biennial Convention?

Answer B: Every chapter — even those with just a handful of members — is eligible to have a delegate or delegates represent them. At the convention, which takes place Oct. 7-9 in San Jose, delegates will develop our priorities and help steer our union in the Fight for a Fair Economy.

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