Americans take back ‘Obamacare’

By Kate Thomas

thanksobamacare-logo.jpgProgressive advocacy groups Colorado Health Access and Progress Now Colorado have launched a brand new website and hashtag to call attention to the many things “Obamacare” does to give people better access to affordable, quality health care:

As the Washington Post‘s Sara Kliff points out, “In the political conversation about healthcare reform, the term “Obamacare” is almost always used as a pejorative, hurled at the law in long floor speeches and short political ads deriding the Affordable Care Act.” With Thanks Obamacare!, supporters of the Affordable Care Act want to change that and bust the misinformation and myths put out there by the anti-reform naysayers of Obamacare.

Here at SEIU, we’d like to add our support and amplify the message: Thanks Obamacare!

Check out the new website, share it on Facebook, and watch the fun by visiting and following @ThanksObamacare on Twitter.

“10 reasons to thank Obamacare” infographic, courtesy of Thanks Obamacare! after the break.


For a detailed breakdown of how you and your family are benefitting from the healthcare law, visit

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