Fresno County workers stand together against cuts

Fresno Press Conference 10/03/2011

Fresno County workers came out Monday to warn their community about the impact of cuts the politicians want to make.

While the Fresno County Board of Supervisors is shielding tax breaks for agribusiness, it’s demanding cuts from all its workers—even though most of those workers are paid with state and federal money.

At a press conference Monday, bargaining unit presidents James Hackett and Maria Kril told the media that the $50 million in pay cuts the supervisors are demanding will reverberate through the community, already struggling with one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation.

And it will result in Fresno County workers having to apply for public assistance from their own co-workers, they noted.

The SEIU 521 bargaining team has been meeting weekly to bargain. So far, the county has insisted on massive pay cuts—even though its own managers can’t justify them— and has rejected every single noneconomic proposals from the workers. But the workers are still standing strong together.

See the news coverage from ABC-30 here.

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