Valley to Congress: We need jobs!

SEIU 521 member and Madera school board member Lynn Cogdill speaks about the importance of passing President Obama's jobs plan.

Lynn Cogdill didn’t vote for President Obama. But he knows what’s good for California, and that’s the American Jobs Act.

Cogdill came to McCardle Elementary School Tuesday, Oct. 18. He stood in front of portable classrooms and storage containers sitting in the parking lot. And he said he wants to see Americans put back to work, and he wants his congressman, Rep. Jeff Denham, to help.

“This isn’t a Republican issue or a Democratic issue. This isn’t a Tea Party issue or an independent issue. This is an American issue,” Cogdill said.

Cogdill spoke at one of two events where residents brought the issue forward to their congressmembers. The second was Thursday, Oct. 20, in Visalia, where residents—including Visalia schools Superintendent Craig Wheaton—wanted to send their message to Rep. Devin Nunes. (See the video from Thursday’s event here.)

Cogdill is a member of the Madera Unified School District board, so he knows how much teachers are needed to help bring class sizes down. And he knows that schools need to be refurbished and modernized so their students can receive the 21st Century education they need.

But what gets Cogdill really excited about the plan is the tax credits it gives for hiring returning veterans. After someone leaves his or her family behind to risk theirs lives to bring freedom to other lands, at least they should have a job when they get home, he said.

Cogdill was joined by Fresno City Councilmember Oliver Baines, California Teachers Association President Dean Vogel and others in calling for Jeff Denham to vote not the way his party wants, but the way his country needs.

On Thursday, 521 member and parent Roseanna Sanchez called for Nunes to support the local economy and her children by putting teachers back to work.

“The American Jobs Act provides an opportunity by getting people working again. Investing in our schools will not only rejuvenate our economy it will be an investment in the future of our country,” she said.

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  1. calvin smith says:

    the country needs less regulation and lower taxes, not to give more handouts.

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