Governor vetoes child care bill

‘We will not give up’

Governor Jerry Brown vetoed legislation Tuesday that would have allowed child care providers who work out of the home the chance to form a union.

Each day, nearly 80,000 child care workers in California provide a safe environment for children, so that parents can go to work and earn income for their families. Providers also help children prepare for and succeed at school.

Yet 5,700 child care providers shut their doors last year, chiefly due to a broken child care system that needs reforming. Payments often come late, are reduced or denied.

The child care bill (AB 101) would have improved the lives of child care workers and of the families they serve.

Tonia McMillian

“We will not give up,” said Tonia McMillian, a child care provider. “We’ve been strengthened by the legislative and community support we’ve received. California’s working families are counting on Governor Brown to be the champion we all need. We are asking for a seat at the table and a chance to strengthen the profession we love.”

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