Jobless workers to Congress: “Give us a chance. Fight for us.”

By Kate Thomas

Jobs not cuts signThousands of unemployed workers, union members and activists took the American Dream Movement to Capitol Hill today to send a clear message to Congress: “We need JOBS, not cuts!”

Even as Americans marched in Washington and and Wall Street to demand good jobs and solutions to reverse the trend of worsening economic inequality, Congressional leaders have announced that they will not take up President Obama’s American Jobs Act. Instead, they are planning to cut funding for programs that provide quality, affordable healthcare services to seniors, people with disabilities and communities in need; safeguard workers’ rights on the job, and train laid-off workers in new green technologies. And that’s just the beginning…

The most inspiring and moving stories from the action came not from those who represent the unemployed and disadvantaged, but rather the very folks who are themselves at the mercy of the current debates in Washington. People like Linda Evans, an unemployed home health care provider and OurDC activist.

“I come from a proud family. I’m a proud woman,” Linda told CNN today. “I want to make a difference….”

Linda’s words to Congress speak for many of us:

“Give us a chance. Fight for us. We’re the ones who put you in office.”

Protestors added extra flair to the rally by wearing sandwich board-style posters over their shoulders with photographs depicting more than 140 individual projects from cities around the country that have been sent in by individuals to the web site,

On their march to the offices of supercommittee members, they dropped off job applications to symbolically drive home their continuing struggles to find work. View photos from the rally on SEIU’s Flickr page.

TAKE ACTION for Jobs, Not Cuts
Is there an #OccupyWallStreet event happening near you? DailyKos has created an amazingly helpful map of current and scheduled Occupy Wall Street protests unfolding across the country. Check it out here.

Job-killing budget bills and deep cuts to our nation’s safety net are not what this country needs to put Americans back to work. Spread the word to your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and email that members of the supercommittee and Congress must fight for jobs, not cuts.

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