Police, medical teams, teachers rose to occasion

Media Mercury News LogoOct. 7 Readers’ letters about the Cupertino shootings
From Mercury News readers
Posted: 10/06/2011 08:00:00 PM PDT

Police, medical teams, teachers rose to occasion

The bravery and dedication of our local law enforcement agencies in protecting residents and local businesses is clearly apparent in the response to the mass shooting in Cupertino.

Likewise, medical teams at Valley Medical Center and other area hospitals were on alert to provide additional trauma care, while area teachers sheltered in place, comforting students who arrived at schools despite the announcements of closures.

I want to thank those public employees who risked their lives to serve area families during this tragedy. Your employment, benefits and staffing levels should be protected, even during tough economic times, as your work is key to our local safety and security.

Catherine Alexander
Retired librarian Cupertino

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