SEIU Nurses are “empowering patients”

ImANurse_WIN.jpgOne of every two Americans does not know the facts of about the new healthcare law. Nearly the same numbers of uninsured Americans think the law will not do anything to help them get the healthcare they need.

The Nurse Alliance of SEIU decided to change this by creating a national nurse-to-nurse initiative called “Empowering Patients” to equip frontline nurses with the facts that can help their patients get better, more affordable care.

Nurses around the country – including California, Florida, New York and Texas – are holding events at their worksites to educate their fellow nurses and teach them a simple intervention tool called WIN: Who (Needs) Information Now that breaks down the benefits and insurance protections of the law. “Nurses have a tremendous opportunity to make sure patients know the facts about how the law can help them. We’re a trusted voice. We can make a difference,” said Daniel Rubalcaba, RN.

Read more about the “Empowering Patients” event held by nurses at SEIU Local 521 on SEIU’s blog here.

Learn more about how the Affordable Care Act is helping millions of American seniors, women, young adults and families and then spread the word.

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