The Purple Buzz – Oct. 6, 2011

Quick Quiz:

How much more do union workers earn on average than non-union workers per year?

A.    $3,050
B.    $5,900
C.    $8,100
D.    $10,400

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SEIU to Occupy Wall Street: “We’ve got your back”

Jobs Not CutsShrinking income inequality. Record unemployment. Cuts to public services. Americans are finally standing up to say: Enough. And SEIU members are proud to support the movement going by the name Occupy Wall Street.

TAKE ACTION: Join in an Occupy action in your city and share a photo!

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Judge rules for 521 in Kings County raid case

Another union tried to pry workers away from SEIU 521 in Kings County. The other union even convinced the Board of Supervisors to change the law so it could force an election. But 521 members appealed, and a judge agreed the board’s decision was illegal. That means Kings County members can focus on real issues together.

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Fresno County members stand up against cuts

Members hold press conference in Fresno on Oct. 3, 2011.Dozens of Fresno County members came out Monday to sound the alarm about what $50 million in pay cuts would do to the community already reeling from a weak economy. While the county is protecting tax breaks for agribusiness and squirreling away cash, it’s demanding massive cuts from its workers.

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Privatization BeastTell Gov. Brown: Protect our libraries!

Still waiting on Gov. Brown’s desk is AB 438, which puts minimal standards in place before public libraries can be privatized. The companies that want to turn public services into profit centers are lobbying the governor to veto the bill. It’s still important to make our voices heard!

Call (916) 445-2841 to tell the governor to sign this bill.

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Santa Cruz library board OKs staffing change, without staff input

I love Santa Cruz LibrariesAgainst the will of library employees and community members, the Santa Cruz library board approved a new staffing plan Oct. 3 that will replace permanent staff with temporary workers.

TAKE ACTION: Send a message to the library board and the Santa Cruz City Council.

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Quick Quiz:

How much more do union workers earn on average than non-union workers per year?

Answer D:

According to a January 2011 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, union members earn an average of $4.95 more per hour:

  • $917 = Median weekly earnings in 2010 of union members.
  • $717 = Median weekly earnings in 2010 of non-union workers

That’s a yearly difference in salary of $10,400 for union members vs. non-union members.

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