Visalia to Devin Nunes: We need jobs!

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Parents, teachers, officials urge congressman to support president’s jobs plan

VISALIA — Residents of Rep. Devin Nunes’ district will encourage the congressman to vote for tax cuts and investments that will help create jobs in Tulare County.

In front of Conyer Elementary in Visalia, school officials, teachers, and parents will speak about what the American Jobs Act will do to help California schools.

Speakers will include Visalia Unified School Superintendent Craig Wheton, Visalia Unified School Board Member Tim Chaney, Visalia teacher Carol Clark and Visalia parent Roseanna Sanchez.

Investment in schools will put more people back to work now, while building a stronger foundation for the future through education. The American Jobs Act would hire more teachers so that our children are better prepared to compete in a global marketplace. And it would upgrade schools so that the children have access to the technology they need in rooms without leaking roofs.

The federal investment is especially critical to California schools now, because revenue shortfalls for the state will result in fewer school days and more layoffs if the federal government doesn’t step in to help.

Nunes has said he opposes the American Jobs Act. While the economy suffers because consumers don’t have purchasing power, he wants to repeal regulations, ignoring that it was deregulated financial markets that crashed the economy in the first place.

WHO: Parents, teachers and elected officials speaking about the positive impact of the American Jobs Act

WHERE: In front of Conyer Elementary, 814 S. Sowell St., Visalia

WHEN: 4 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 20

WHY: Because these jobs won’t come to California if Congress opposes it to score partisan political points.

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