Congressman and an NLRB member play politics with your workplace rights

hayesofficial-sm-200x257.jpgIn another disgusting attack on workers, the National Labor Relations Board’s sole Republican member, Brian Hayes, has threatened to resign in order to deny the Board’s three-person quorum it needs to issue any rules.

Hayes’ resignation threat is specifically aimed at working people in that it would cripple the Board from adopting a modest new rule that would remove frivolous lawsuits and red tape that delay union elections, which the Board intends to pass this year.

The NLRB is an independent federal agency whose members are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. The Board’s role is to enforce the National Labor Relations Act, the 76 year-old law that safeguards employees’ rights to organize and sets the rules for unionization in the private sector.

In June of this year, the Board announced a straightforward proposed rule governing procedures in representation cases.

The Board stated, “The proposed amendments are intended to reduce unnecessary litigation, streamline pre-and-post election procedures, and facilitate the use of electronic communications and document filing.”

Anyone who has taken part in a private sector union organizing drive will tell you that employers frequently hold back the workers’ voting for eons by way of legal filings and appeals — many of which are frivolous but, by law, need to be reviewed by the NLRB.

Approximately 10 seconds after the Board announced its proposal to modernize this piece of labor law, the right wing began an all-out assault on workers, the law that protect us and the Board’s ability to enforce these laws.

Representative John Kline, the Minnesota Republican who chairs the House Education and the Workforce Committee said, “The Obama NLRB is determined to impose a flawed rule that will cripple American workers’ free choice.”

Really Congressman? Really?

Do you think amending a 76 year-old law outlining a worker’s right to organize a union as “[advancement] of an extreme agenda?” Kline also believes somehow that this rule change “damages our workplaces.”

This is simply absurd.

As our rights as workers seem as though they can’t get squeezed anymore, along comes Brian Hayes – who threatens to submit his resignation to gut the Board and render it inoperable. The potential forfeiture of his duty is just another political game meant to pull the rug out from all private sector workers – regardless if they are union members or not.

What can you do to fight back against the attacks on workers and support this proposed new rule?

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