How we occupied Julian Street

“We are the 99%” came to Julian Street on Nov. 1st and SEIU 521 members made some NOISE!

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The event was organized to highlight the current contract negotiations between Santa Clara County and the Social Service Supervisory Unit, which is being asked to take steeper cuts than any other employee group to date.

More than a hundred workers showed up, some with tents. ABC-Channel 7 and Univision covered our action.

“This fight is about more than a fair wage, or keeping jobs, or cuts that we are willing to make,” said Kathleen Starr, Social Work Supervisor. “It’s about remembering the reason why we are in this position. There is a national crisis and our government has been hijacked by corporations which benefit from political favors like tax loopholes.”

The economic crisis caused by Wall Street trickled down to Main Street and Middle Class families and that is why now more than ever we need our county Supervisors to stand up and protect the workers with a fair contract.

As another speaker, San Jose State University Lecturer Gil Villagran, said: “We occupy for all Americans who are not billionaires. The American Dream is beyond the reach of 99% of Americans. But we the people can regain our commonwealth.”

Until a fair contract is won, the workers vowed to continue the fight.

Next action: Board of Supervisors meeting, Tuesday, Nov. 8.
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