SEIU 521 Fresno County workers file ULP against county

Fresno County workers at rally

Hundreds of SEIU 521 Fresno County chapter members packed the Board of Supervisors’ chambers Tuesday to demand a chance to vote on the county’s “last best and final” offer. But anti-worker supervisors ignored the plea, voting 3-2 to impose the contract even before the workers concluded their voting.

SEIU 521 has filed an unfair labor practice charge against Fresno County. Fresno members are meeting Thursday night to decide what to do next.

“The workers understand the fiscal situation that the county has, and the workers were willing and still are willing to work with the county,” said James Hackett, a social service supervisor and member of the elected bargaining team. “We have 4,100 members that must be afforded a chance to vote.”

County workers are in the midst of voting on the county proposal, which calls for a 9 percent pay cut along with other takeaways. The 9 percent pay cut is just the beginning. The board also cut differential, bilingual and standby pay, and took away some of the rights we fought so hard for in the past.

And the cuts fall on the county’s lowest-paid and hardest workers.

“We work overtime, we don’t ask for it, because we know there’s a need for families to have these interventions,” said Mandy Garcia, a social worker for the county. “How is it going to benefit the community if some of these folks lose their homes?”

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4 Responses to “SEIU 521 Fresno County workers file ULP against county”

  1. Tracy says:

    Of the 4,100 members, how many are actual members and how many are fee payers?

  2. Michael Vasquez says:

    I must ask, originally I thought that the COF/BOS violated the MEYERS-MILIAS-BROWN ACT by imposing the 9% salary reduction, which means that SEIU was within its rights to file a ULP. However when I look at the COF-Management Rights Article in our MOU we (SEIU-employees) have essentially signed off on a series of agreements that allow the COF to adjust our salary among other things. How can we file a ULP with those things being agreed to in the language of all past Bargaining Unit MOU’s?

    • J.G. Payoyo says:

      If you have any questions, you should contact your shop steward or the union staff. The quick answer is that the County has a legal obligation to negotiate in good faith regarding our wages, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment; and, the County failed to do so. Consequently, we — the Union, which includes you and me — had no other choice but to submit a ULP to protect our rights under our contract and under the Meyer-Milius-Brown Act.

  3. veronica rodriguez says:

    Michael Vasquez has a good question. I would appreciate for some one to answer this question in detail.

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