Support Fresno County workers: Call the BOS today!

Strike Day 1 | Strike Day 2


Call or email the Board of Supervisors listed below, and tell them that you support the Fresno County workers.

Continue to show your support by posting comments on Facebook:

Debbie Poochigian
(559) 600-5000

Judy Case
(559) 600-4000

Phil Larson
(559) 600-1000

Why Fresno County workers are striking

See what members are saying (Video on Youtube).

1. Workers are on strike because Fresno county didn’t honor the fair bargaining process and refused to negotiate with its workers. The county came in with a proposal and said take it or leave it.

2. These are hard economic times, and Fresno County should be looking for ways to help the community. County workers are the community. Imposing working conditions on employees without the protection of a contract before they were done voting on the county’s offer showed just how little value county supervisors place on the work we do.

3. Workers have made concessions because they know everyone has to. They’ve taken healthcare cuts, furloughs and layoffs. They didn’t ask for anything but the chance to negotiate for a fair contract.

4. Fresno County needs new county leadership that knows how to use public money wisely and invest in its workforce – a workforce that works day in and day out to keep the community healthy, safe and afloat in hard economic times.

5. The county has given workers no choice but to strike. Workers would much rather be at work, serving the community. All they are asking for is a fair contract so that they can go back to work and provide for their families.

For more information and media coverage of  strike day 1, click here.

For strike day 2, click here.

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One Response to “Support Fresno County workers: Call the BOS today!”

  1. Jeff Rively says:

    I’m with you on this one! How terrible that you had to Strike! Shame on the BOS. It sounds unreasonable to me.

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