CBS 47: Fresno County worker strike over

Contributor: Alicia Coates – Email:
Published by CBS 47: 1/25 10:07 pm – Updated: 8:35 am

Hundreds of workers took to the street over the last 3 days to protest a 9% pay cut.

The SEIU filed a complaint, saying the County failed to negotiate their pay cut in good faith.

On Thursday, attorneys from the County and the Union will meet in Sacramento for a mediation meeting.

Some say the protests were a waste of time, while others hope common ground can be reached.

“We all have to sacrifice in the community – why can’t they?” Said Dr. AP Sidhu, a Fresno County resident.

“The smart card will be to resolve this issue Thursday. I think reasonable people can find common ground,” said Henry Perea, Sr., Fresno County Board of Supervisor.

If this matter can not be cleared up in the mediation meeting, then it will go to hearing.

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