State cutting IHSS. Attend training to fight cuts!

The State has announced a 20% cut to all IHSS recipients. We are currently suing the State to stop these cuts, and have a temporary injunction. If you would like information on how to appeal the cut and you have NOT yet attended the training on how to do so, please attend one of the following trainings:

Thursday, January 19

10 a.m. – noon


2 – 4 p.m.

SEIU Local 521, 2302 Zanker Rd., San Jose, CA 95131

The training will be given in English, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), and Vietnamese.

El estado esta cortando IHSS! Asiste el entrenamiento para pelear los recortes!

El estado anuncio un recorte de 20% de horas a todos los recipientes de IHSS. Con una demanda les pusimos el alto, pero la decisión NO se va saber hasta la audiencia, que será el 19 de enero.

Si usted no ha asistido el entrenamiento de cómo apelar este recorte, necesita asistir uno de los siguientes entrenamientos:

Jueves, 19 de Enero

10 a.m. – noon

O de

2 – 4 p.m.

SEIU Local 521, 2302 Zanker Rd., San Jose, CA 95131

Chinese translation for IHSS Training on 01/19/2012

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2 Responses to “State cutting IHSS. Attend training to fight cuts!”

  1. Christina says:

    Is there a meeting venue in San Mateo county? I am unable to attend in San Jose.

  2. virginia says:

    Great. Also we need to fight to ensure IHSS does NOT deny hours for special cases where hospital staff are violating Penal Code 368, by failing to protect clients that are protective supervision cases. In these cases parents have had to personally guard and protect or privately send IHSS staff INTO hosptial to guard and protect them from being killed or neglected by hospital staff. This is a reality that seems to escape the minds of those in charge of cuts. Under no circumstance shall a IHSS recipient be expected to recevie sub-standard care in a hospital because of the failure of hospital to secure proper SITTER or NURSES to handle protective supervision of such IHSS client. Just because they leave home doesn’t mean they don’t need the same standard of care in any other setting, especially a setting that is unfamiliar and dangerous,w here they will be medicated or restrained against their will if someone isn’t there to PROTECT them. It works both ways baby. You don’t protect the patient and you are in violation of Penal Code 368 by knowing this IHSS client needs protection, and NOT allowing the IHSS caregivers to give this protection in an emergency out of home hospital setting. The IHSS worker should be allowed to provide this protection in this special circumstance.

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